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Chicago Open University USA

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About us

Chicago Open University

Welcome to Chicago Open University, a distinguished institution committed to providing high-quality education and fostering a passion for Life long learning, empowering individuals.We have been empowering individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals through our innovative programs and dedicated faculty.

Our Vision

At Chicago Open University, our vision is to be a leading educational institution that transforms lives through accessible and comprehensive learning opportunities. We aspire to create a dynamic open learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and personal growth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to acquire knowledge, skills, and values necessary for success in a rapidly evolving world. Through our student-centric approach, we strive to cultivate intellectual curiosity and a commitment to excellence in every aspect of life.
Our Founders have  been instrumental in crafting the university’s curriculum and fostering a culture of innovation. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to nurturing talent have helped thousands of students achieve their academic and career aspirations.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, our Founders continues to guide Chicago Open University towards new horizons, ensuring it remains at the forefront of cutting-edge education.

Our Commitment

At Chicago Open University, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of education and supporting our students at every step of their journey. We aim to:
Provide an inclusive open & online  learning environment that respects and values diversity.
Foster a culture of collaboration, where students, faculty, and staff work together towards shared goals.
Offer flexible and adaptable programs that cater to the diverse needs of our students.
Continuously innovate and evolve our curriculum to address the demands of an ever-changing world.
Cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility and community engagement among our students.
Join us at Chicago Open University and embark on an enriching educational adventure that will shape your future and open doors to boundless opportunities.

Message from Dean's Desk


As the Dean of Academic and Industry Academic Partnership at Chicago Open University, I am thrilled to welcome you to our vibrant community of learners, innovators, and collaborators.

At Chicago Open University, we are committed to fostering excellence in education and forging meaningful partnerships with industry leaders. Our goal is to provide students with a transformative learning experience that prepares them for success in today’s dynamic global landscape.

With a diverse background in electrical engineering, telecommunications, project management. Expertise in international relations and online studies. I am excited to bring my expertise to this esteemed institution. I am passionate about driving innovation and making a positive impact in academia and industry alike.

Together, we will strive to create a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation that empowers students to reach their full potential and prepares them to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

I look forward to working with you as we embark on this journey of discovery and growth.

Best regards

Beril Oner
Dean of Academic and Industry Academic Partnership
Chicago Open University

chicago open univerity Dean

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